Welcome to the Purity Vanilla Webstore!

Purity Vanilla was created on the 23rd of March 2019, with the intention of providing players a platform to experience Minecraft just as the developers intended. To facilitate this, all donor tiers come with purely cosmetic in-game perks, with the exception of the Full-Join perk, which allows you to join the server when it is full. However, outside of the main Minecraft server, all of our donors get access to exclusive Discord features such as the private donor chat and the Discord-to-game chat and lifetime access to our private servers and events.

All main donor tiers are a lifetime reward for supporting the server, and each tier gives a different level of cosmetic perks. As well as the main tiers, there are also Full-Join package available. These let you donate for a period of the Full-Join perk, which will allow you to join the server when it is full. There are a few different packages available and donating for a longer period will give you the perk at a discount.

If you are enjoying playing on Purity Vanilla and want to help support the server, please consider donating to help us run reliably well into the future.

Thank you.